Vogus #45 My Month of DisMay

Vogus #45 My Month of DisMay

Finally, I am back!

Here is my post grad reflection I sort of promised.

I catch you up on what I did this month, and what I plan to do in the future.

A lot of healing happened this past month, leading up to a new job for me!

I just finished my second day on the job, my orientation is finished, and tomorrow I start!!!

I’m very excited and hope you will all continue to join me!

Thanks for listening!


Vogus #44 Pre-Grad Reflections

Vogus #44 Pre-Grad Reflections

I think about a couple things before I graduate, which happened within 48 hours of recording this show.

My post-grad reflections and new things in my life to come soon.

Mostly thinking about graduation, Patrick, having my family around, and some other things.

Thanks for listening!

Vogus #41 This is The Beginnning of the Rest of My Life

Vogus #41 This is The Beginnning of the Rest of My Life

Day 1 after completing school!

I’m still a bit sad, but I’m excited for the future.

I talk about some of my plans.

I’m in a position where I can do anything and it’s terrifying, but also exciting!

Thank you for listening!

Vogus #40 It’s Personal, It’s DRAGK!

Vogus #40 It’s Personal, It’s DRAGK!

Hey everybody! I notice this was recorded exactly one month since the last one!

Well, I’m back all y’all, with a short update on my life.

Drag Drama

Mail Drama

Werk hehnie!

I’ll try and make a more detailed grum soon.

Thanks for listening!